Boiler Repair & Installation in Dover, OHIf you are looking for boiler repair in Dover, OH, rely on us at Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing. We’re your local plumbing provider for boiler installation and repair. Here in Ohio, many people count on their boilers for heat each winter. If you are new to the area or buying an older home with a boiler, you may have some questions about how they work. Boilers tend to run on natural gas. Most units don’t create steam, only hot water. This water travels in a sealed system to radiators, baseboard heaters, or radiant floor systems to disperse heat into your rooms. Modern boilers are as energy-efficient as gas furnaces. Boilers often heat homes in areas that have severe winters and where the cost of natural gas is cheaper than the cost of electricity.

    Expert Boiler Repair in Dover

    Like any heating device, boilers need regular maintenance to keep them running optimally. Boiler systems that are not maintained can cost you money each month in higher fuel prices. Also, boilers not operating at their greatest efficiency can cause strain on the system. Strained systems can cause premature parts failure.

    Boilers tend to break down in various ways.
    • Pump failure
    • Electrical control failure
    • Low water pressure
    • Heat exchanger water leak
    Expert Boiler Repair in Dover

    If your boiler is no longer heating your home properly, we will find the cause of the problem. Boilers tend to last about 15 to 20 years. If yours is at the end of its useful service, there’s a bright side. According to the Department of Energy, older units only had a 56% to 70% efficiency in converting natural gas to heat. The newer boiler models must be at least 80% efficient, and some now achieve as much as 98.5% efficiency. After purchasing a new unit, you will save money over time on your utility bills.

    Dependable Boiler Installation and Service in Dover

    Dependable Boiler Installation and Service in DoverAt Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing, we have been providing boiler installation and repair services for our community for the last 15 years. Because we fulfill our goal of attaining each customer’s 100% satisfaction, we have received the Home Advisor Elite Service Badge. Generac awarded us the title of Power Pro Elite Plus. We partner with Home Depot Home Services, and we’re also a member of the National Electrical Contractors’ Association. To make the process easier on your budget, we work with Synchrony to finance installations of boilers on approved credit.

    Call us today at Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing for any of your boiler repair or installation needs in Dover. We will get the heat back on ASAP!

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    We also offer boiler services in Akron, Canton, Massillon, North Canton, New Philadelphia, and Waynesburg.