Electrical Panel in Waynesburg, OH
June 20

How to Reset Your Home’s Electrical Meter for Better Energy Efficiency

Your electrical meter gauges the amount of power used by your home. It works by measuring the flow of energy that your home uses. Resetting… View Article Read More

Electric Safety in Canton, OH
May 18

5 Key Safety Tips for Working Around Electricity

Working with or near electricity in your home or business can be very dangerous if you’re not careful. The hazards associated with electricity-related jobs include:… View Article Read More

April 11

Beat the Heat and Lower Your Electricity Consumption This Summer

Beat the Heat and Lower Your Electricity Consumption This Summer Summer is here, and with it comes hot weather. While many people enjoy summer for… View Article Read More

Lightning Storm in Waynesburg, OH
March 14

Storms and Electrical Hazards: Keeping You and Your Family Safe

The first thing you think about when it storms probably has nothing to do with electrical hazards and keeping yourself safe, but it should. Though… View Article Read More

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Waynesburg, OH
February 11

Indicators That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel box is likely something that you don’t give a lot of thought to unless you’re dealing with a tripped breaker. In reality,… View Article Read More

Electrical Checklist in Waynesburg, OH
January 3

Your New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Your Electrical System

You likely love your home’s electrical system, but seldom think about it. In fact, there are some common mistakes you have probably made that raise… View Article Read More

Electric Bill in Waynesburg, OH
December 16

Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Holiday Season

When it comes to your electric bill, it’s probably at its highest during the colder winter months. That winter weather can be dangerous for your… View Article Read More

Extension Cord Safety in Waynesburg, OH
November 17

How to Use Extension Cords Safely

In fact, there are many safety rules that should be observed when using extension cords in Waynesburg. To help prevent electronic shock, fires, and other… View Article Read More

Electric Wiring Waste in Waynesburg, OH
October 20

Top Ways You Can Responsibly Manage Electrical Wiring Waste

It’s not uncommon to find boxes of charging cables and other electrical cables stashed away in a closet or the corner of our garages. With… View Article Read More

Safely Test Electrical Outlets in Canton
September 16

Safely Test Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Have you noticed the tabletop lamp may be flickering or you need to routinely adjust a cord that’s plugged in to keep it working right?… View Article Read More