Your electrical meter gauges the amount of power used by your home. It works by measuring the flow of energy that your home uses. Resetting your meter causes it to record your power consumption more accurately, and, therefore, your electric bills are more accurate. Here is how to reset your electrical meter to lower your energy costs and to gauge your consumption.

How to Gain Access to Your Electrical Meter for Reset

After your monthly bill is paid or your area experiences a power outage, it is best to reset your meter for the best accuracy. Your electrical meter is either a circular analog dial or a digital number screen that displays the power consumption by your home.

All electrical meters have clear protective covers around the front display. To begin work on your meter, you should remove the cover to access the dial or the digital interface behind the cover. After that, you should remove the faceplate that your dials or digital display sit next to. When that is moved to the side, you will see the gears that turn to give your meter a reading of the power going into your home.

How to Reset Your Electrical Meter Internally

Once you have access to the recording gears, you need to individually turn the gears to a neutral position. Each gear can move independently of the others. It is perfectly safe to work on your electrical meter this way because it does not affect any mechanism or digital system that could cause its data output to become inaccurate. Even digital electrical meters do not have any computer memory system that stores previous data inputs, so they will forget their previous readings once you reset them. The readings are fully dependent on the current positions of the gears.

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