The home of the future is here. With an ever-expanding menu of possibilities, choose the options that best suit your needs and style to create a truly unique home.

    About Smart Homes

    Smart homes have moved from the realm of science fiction into the mainstream. You don’t have to be the Jetsons to enjoy the benefits of a fully-optimized and connected home. A “smart home” is defined as a home with “network-connected products” for “controlling, automating, and optimizing” the basic functions of your home. While the concept may sound abstract, the benefits of upgrading to a smart home are very practical.

    Benefits of a Smart Home

    Imagine a thermostat that not only knows your preferred temperature but can anticipate your schedule. It learns what time you’re usually home and only kicks in when you need it. Before, you’d have to remember to adjust your thermostat during the day and crank it up or down in the evening to get it right where you want it. Not anymore. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By allowing smart devices to automate the mundane, and by connecting a network of smart devices that allows for easy management at the touch of a button, you can boldly step into the 21st century and reap the rewards.

    Brilliant Home Control

    Brilliant connects all your smart devices to a single control panel, allowing you to be the true master of your domain. Compatible with popular smart device brands like Sonos, Nest, Ring, and Alexa, Brilliant centralizes control and makes it easier to fully leverage the power of a smart home. Installation is a cinch: the Brilliant panel simply replaces a light switch with no further modifications. And to top it off, you can access Brilliant from your smartphone.

    Google Hub

    Google Hub is a compact and stylish display screen that integrates your various smart devices together into a single, easy-to-use hub. Also compatible with a wide range of brands, Google Hub connects to the entire Google ecosystem, allowing you to access YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Assistant with just your voice. It also works on your smartphone. Google Hub only requires an outlet and a WiFi network and even doubles as a digital photo frame.

    Control Your Devices

    Philips Hue
    Phillips Hueis the original smart light bulb. They screw into a normal light socket and are controlled by the Hue Bridge, a hub that connects to your Internet router but communicates with your devices using the ZigBee system, which creates a personal network in your home so you can control your bulbs even without Internet access. Bulbs come in white, white ambiance, and white/color ambiance, so you have nothing but options. Philips Hue also connects to all major smart home device hubs.

    Wemo offers an assortment of smart plugs, light switches, and dimmers to help maximize the full potential of your smart home. Wemo smart plugs plug right into existing outlets and connect to your home’s WiFi network, allowing you to control the power for any connected appliance or device whether they’re “smart” or not. Plus, it tracks energy usage to help you save money on energy costs. The light switches and dimmers replace your old switches and can be controlled by your voice, the Wemo app, or other smart home hubs.

    Smart light switches from ecobee go one step further by harnessing the power of Alexa for voice-activated control and to answer questions, play music, or just give you the latest headlines. These switches detect motion and can be programmed to automatically turn on lights when you enter a room and turns them off after you leave. Additionally, ecobee switches can tell daytime from nighttime and even double as nightlights for the little ones. Use the app to control your home lighting while you’re out and about.

    Nest x Yale Lock
    This lock is tamper-proof and lets you lock or unlock your deadbolt through the comfort of your smartphone. Stop handing out spare keys and simply give trusted individuals the passcode. And know that you have the flexibility to change the passcode whenever you want to. The Nest x Yale Lock sends alerts whenever someone opens your door. The app allows you to check if it’s locked at any time, so you can lock it without having to take your toes out of the sand. It can switch to battery power if your electricity ever goes out. Pair it with the Nest Secure Alarm system for even greater protection.

    August Smart Lock
    Easily control access to your home with the August Smart Lock. Like the Nest, you can lock and unlock your door from your phone, and you can grant digital keys to friends and family members that last as little as a few minutes at a time. It also allows you to monitor activity, logging each time the door was opened, closed, locked, or unlocked. The August Smart Lock works with other devices in the August ecosystem and can pair with other brands as an a la carte option to home security.

    nest Hello
    This doorbell provides a wide field of view and crisp video images. It can tell the difference between a person and a thing passing by, so you won’t be bothered unless it’s important. It even acts as an intercom and lets you talk to whoever’s outside even if you’re in a different state. And if you can’t get to your phone, you can leave prerecorded messages to get your point across. Installation can be a little trickier than average doorbells, but that’s why we’re here.

    Secure Your Home

    nest Outdoor Camera
    Outdoor cameras, like those from Nest, will not only alert you when they suspect an intruder has come onto your property, but they will allow you to speak and scare off any would-be criminals. Or, you can communicate with a delivery man on where to leave that valuable package while you’re away. With updates right to your phone, you’ll always know what’s happening at your house.

    nest Indoor Camera
    Indoor cameras work the same way and can connect with outdoor cameras to provide even greater security coverage. Additionally, these cameras can let you keep tabs on your furry friends and even talk to them while you’re gone. That’s peace of mind you can’t get otherwise.

    Nest Protect System

    Smart smoke alarms can talk in a human voice to give you early warning against potential problems. And they can identify the room where your issue might be. They will send alerts and notifications to your phone, and they will allow you to silence them without getting out of bed. They can detect smoke and carbon monoxide, and, best yet, they will test themselves to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. Rest easy knowing they have your back.

    Nest Secure Alarm System

    Control your security system from your phone, no matter where in the world you might be. Even better, the Secure Alarm system will notify you if you haven’t armed it. Install Nest Tag and allow trusted family and friends to come and go without worrying about making more copies of your house key. And place Nest Detect sensors by windows and doors that sense movement and can tell if they’ve been forced open. These smart security features create a network of devices that look after your home to protect what’s yours.


    Sonos Smart Speakers
    Sonos speakers are wireless and compact, allowing you to place them strategically throughout your house to create an immersive audio experience or to just provide continuity and a unified listening experience in every room. Some speaker sets have voice-activated assistants built in, making it even easier for you to play the right song at exactly the right time. You can always control speakers with the app from any room since Sonos connects directly to your WiFi network. And to unlock the full potential of Sonos, connect your home audio system to a smart home hub.

    Smart Water Shutoff

    Phyn Plus Smart Water

    Phyn Plus connects directly to your home water system and will immediately transform the way you think about plumbing. Phyn Plus constantly runs diagnostic checks and will alert you of any leaks (big or small) and can even automatically shut off your water in response to catastrophic leaks. The app allows you to remotely control Phyn Plus and track water usage by location/appliance. One Phyn Plus device will cover your entire house and should be installed by a professional plumber. Phyn Plus is not intended for multi-unit buildings and requires WiFi and a nearby power source.