Electrical Checklist in Waynesburg, OH
January 3

Your New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Your Electrical System

You likely love your home’s electrical system, but seldom think about it. In fact, there are some common mistakes you have probably made that raise… View Article Read More

Electric Bill in Waynesburg, OH
December 16

Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Holiday Season

When it comes to your electric bill, it’s probably at its highest during the colder winter months. That winter weather can be dangerous for your… View Article Read More

Extension Cord Safety in Waynesburg, OH
November 17

How to Use Extension Cords Safely

In fact, there are many safety rules that should be observed when using extension cords in Waynesburg. To help prevent electronic shock, fires, and other… View Article Read More

Electric Wiring Waste in Waynesburg, OH
October 20

Top Ways You Can Responsibly Manage Electrical Wiring Waste

It’s not uncommon to find boxes of charging cables and other electrical cables stashed away in a closet or the corner of our garages. With… View Article Read More

Safely Test Electrical Outlets in Canton
September 16

Safely Test Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Have you noticed the tabletop lamp may be flickering or you need to routinely adjust a cord that’s plugged in to keep it working right?… View Article Read More

Smart Home Benefits in Waynesburg, OH
August 3

5 Ways Smart Home Technologies Benefit Homeowners

Smart home technologies are turning around the home improvement world and have become a trend in the digital era. These technologies allow you to connect… View Article Read More

Power Outage in Waynesburg, OH
July 19

What To Do in a Power Outage

Winter blizzards and summer storms in Canton and Northeast Ohio areas tend to cause a power outage. A power outage may leave your family in… View Article Read More

Office Manager/Bookkeeper
May 7

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Apply Today We are looking to hire an Office Manager/Bookkeeper to manage our growing office team and manage our business accounting systems. We provide full… View Article Read More

Generator Technician
May 7

Generator Technician

Apply Today We are looking for an experienced Generator Service Technician to work on new generator installations, generator maintenances, and generator service. These would mostly… View Article Read More

Residential Journeyman
April 24

Residential Journeyman

Apply Today We are looking for a journeyman electrician to work on new homes, residential services, and residential generators. You will get your own company… View Article Read More