What is the Downside of a Tankless Water Heater?
February 20

What is the Downside of a Tankless Water Heater?

According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more efficient than standard, storage-based models in the… View Article Read More

What Type of Generator is Best for Home Use?
February 14

What Type of Generator is Best for Home Use?

A power outage can happen at any moment, especially if you frequently experience unpredictable weather like the kind we see here in Canton, OH. Choosing… View Article Read More

Can Humidity Cause Electrical Problems in Homes?
January 9

Can Humidity Cause Electrical Problems in Homes?

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. While outdoor weather and the environment can determine humidity, household activities can… View Article Read More

drain cleaning services in Canton, OH
December 12

How to Properly Clean the Drains in Your Home

Free-flowing and clean drains ensure that the plumbing system in your Waynesburg home is able to function without issue. With regular drain cleaning, you can… View Article Read More

Sump pump repairs
November 13

Ohio Guidelines for Sump Pump Discharge Line

There are several reasons to familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations regarding sump pump discharge lines. First, it guarantees adherence to local rules, which means… View Article Read More

Plumbing services in Waynesburg, OH
October 23

The Process of Winterizing Your Home’s Plumbing

Getting a home ready for winter takes considerable work. Many people focus heavily on preparing the exterior of their Canton, OH, home for the long… View Article Read More

September 11

Pros and Cons of Traditional Water Heaters vs. Tankless Systems

When it comes to providing hot water for our daily needs, the choice between traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters is a decision that… View Article Read More

Water Quality in Waynesburg, OH
August 21

4 Reasons Why Your Home’s Water Quality Matters

Water is a vital resource for human beings. Whether used for drinking, cooking, or cleaning, you know how important it is to have access to… View Article Read More

Generator Installation in Canton, OH
July 24

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Generator to Power Up Your House

Power loss can occur for a variety of reasons, such as the result of a natural disaster, severe weather or the power grid failing. Without… View Article Read More

Electric in Canton,
June 14

Understanding the Difference Between a Watt and an Amp

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine life without electricity. We count on it for everything. Without it, we would never have… View Article Read More