Many homeowners are planning outdoor cookouts and activities when the warm summer weather starts to shine through. Many of us know that these activities can be so much fun that they continue on through the nighttime hours. Having adequate lighting at your home can be a great way to boost your home’s aesthetics and keep everyone safe and relaxed.

Showcase Your Plants

A great way to provide ambient lighting for the outside of your property is with lighting at your bigger plants. Consider using net lighting or wrapping strands of warm lights around the branches of your trees. This works to showcase their many natural curves and beautiful foliage. If you don’t want to physically place lights on the plant or tree, consider lighting it up from underneath with a spotlight. There’s no reason that the beauty of your plants should only be enjoyed during the daytime hours.

Chandelier Dining

A unique way to bring a sense of class and cozy comfort to your outdoor space is with a chandelier dining light. This is the perfect option for homeowners who have a designated outdoor dining area. A chandelier looks elegant and will provide you with necessary task lighting while eating with friends and family. With so many different designs, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a chandelier to match the style of your outdoor dining space.

Step Lighting

Whether you have steps coming down to your porch or there are steps for a descent into your backyard, they’re a great place to add some extra lighting. Consider placing the lights on every few risers so that a nice beam of light can be cast onto the steps. This is perfect to help people safely maneuver your steps at night and add to the background ambient lighting for your entire outdoor space.

Pathway Lighting

A must-have for any landscape is pathway lighting. This helps create a pleasant path where your family and guests can easily maneuver through your property. Warm lighting is the key to creating an inviting feeling. While it can be tempting to put these lights close to ground level, it can be beneficial to place them higher. Putting these up a couple of feet helps to allow the light to cast a more widespread glow, which means you can get away with installing fewer lights overall.

Vintage Lighting

One surefire way to easily light up parts of your property at night is with vintage lighting. Also known as Edison bulbs, these provide a decent amount of glow but don’t overdo it. Consider stringing these up overhead for best results. Contemplate placing them along your fence line as perimeter lighting or even stringing them over the main areas of where people will congregate in your yard.

Under Railing Lighting

If you have a deck, you likely have railings that go around it to protect your family and guests. You can easily add some lighting to the underside of the railing. Rope lights are a popular option, as well as adding solar-powered post lighting where the posts meet the railing. This type of perimeter lighting helps to create a safe-feeling space where everyone can enjoy being outside in the late-night hours.

Globe Lighting

A somewhat newer trend that is catching on very quickly is globe lighting. This lighting is comprised of various-sized globes that are illuminated and strategically placed throughout your property. They can be used as pathway lighting, creating the same appearance as a big landscape rock perimeter, or they can be placed in hangout spaces like your patio. These waterproof globes are most commonly used with warm, white lighting. However, they can be illuminated with different colors to create a cool or warm feeling environment.

Under Table Lighting

Consider under-table lighting if you want to add more ambient lighting to your outdoor space. These should be installed to produce a downward glow from under the table toward the ground. This will provide useful task lighting to move around your property without worrying about bumping into items. Even better, it provides the low-light illumination you need to happily converse with your guests and see their facial reactions.

Edge Lighting

Edge lighting is a unique way to add some light to the outside of your property. Think about illuminating the edge of your flower beds and walkways. This long strip of solid light will bring ambient lighting to your yard while highlighting your outdoor features. Edge lighting is available in many different color options, so you’ll surely find the perfect hue to brighten your space.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Service

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