Depending upon the locations, some plumbing leaks can fester unnoticed for months on end. Although these leaks don’t visibly disrupt households, they have a significant impact on building residents over time. Unchecked leaks can set the stage for severe mold and mildew problems, decrease your indoor air quality (IAQ), and raise your energy bill. They can also cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Fortunately, to protect the value of your Canton, OH property, you can call the pros at Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing to identify hidden leaks.

Make Year-to-Year and Month-to-Month Comparisons of Your Water Bills

One easy way to determine whether or not you have a water leak is by comparing your current water bill to your old ones. If there’s been a sudden spike in your water use, but you haven’t added new appliances or new household members, a hidden leak could be the culprit.

Sometimes, these comparisons can even point out the most likely sources of water leaks. For instance, if the jump in your water bill happened just after your washing machine was serviced, you should check the back of this appliance for pooling water and signs of water damage on all nearby baseboards and floors.

Perform a Water Meter Test

Turn off all of your faucets and water-reliant appliances, and then head out to your water meter. If no one is using water in your home, your water meter should be at a standstill. If it isn’t, you should contact a licensed plumber. Keep in mind that slow plumbing leaks might not cause a noticeable difference in your water meter’s reading for one to two hours. Thus, to perform this test accurately, you’ll have to keep your water off for at least 60 minutes and check the meter often.

Check Beneath and Behind All Appliances

Slow and hidden leaks often develop at loose appliance connections. Check your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator for pooling water just beneath or behind them. Even something as small as a disconnected water supply line to a refrigerator’s ice maker can cause serious property damage if it isn’t identified and resolved early on.

Inspect Your Drywall

It may be that the slow and hidden leaks in your home are depositing water behind your drywall. However, even if water never actually pools in your living area, there could still be visible evidence of plumbing problems. Look for wet, soft, and discolored drywall throughout the building. Check for water spots, mold patches, and bowed or warped building materials.

Check Your Home’s Perimeter for Standing Water

If your water bill has gone up and your IAQ has gone down, you might have a slab leak. Check the perimeter of your home for standing water and assess the integrity of your sub-floors and flooring. If your floorboards feel soft and springy underfoot or if your carpet feels damp, this could be why. With slab leaks, people often hear “whooshing” sounds or running water, even when all of their fixtures and appliances are off.

Pay Attention to Sudden Changes in Water Pressure

If you have a leaky water supply line, the faucets and fixtures serviced by this line probably have low water pressure. If your showers are far less satisfying than they once were or if it takes a lot longer to fill your kitchen sink, much of the water that’s rushing to this location is spilling out somewhere else.

Schedule a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

The best way to prevent cumulative damage from slow and hidden leaks is by scheduling a whole-house plumbing inspection. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a leak that drips just once per second can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water annually. Whole-house plumbing inspections put this water waste to a swift end.

During whole-house plumbing inspections, our plumbers look for slow and hidden leaks behind drywall, at the backs of appliances, under slabs, and at the main water supply lines. They also check water pressure levels and ensure that all plumbing system features are working as they should.

Leak Detection Services

Even if you’ve already had your annual whole-house plumbing inspection, you can still take advantage of leak detection services. Be sure to schedule these services immediately if you notice changes in your or your water bill or see visible or audio signs of a leak.

Our clients can count on us for competitive pricing, superior workmanship, and excellent customer service. We offer expert plumbing, water quality, and electrical services. We also provide water heater, generator, dishwasher, and propane tank installation. For top-notch leak detection services in Canton, OH, contact Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing today.

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