Getting a home ready for winter takes considerable work. Many people focus heavily on preparing the exterior of their Canton, OH, home for the long winter ahead. Often, preparing the furnace for the demands of the frigid temperatures is also addressed. Something else you need to think about when you’re winterizing is getting your plumbing system ready for the colder weather. Our plumbers at Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing can come in and get the pipes and fixtures in your home winterized.

Benefits and Risks of Winterizing Plumbing

The biggest benefit of winterizing plumbing is that you’ll know the system is ready for use all winter. You won’t have to worry about damage occurring. Winterizing the plumbing system is important because pipes can crack or burst if they’re put through the freeze-thaw cycle while full of water.

Water that freezes expands, which puts undue pressure on the pipes. This can cause a weakening of the pipes, which can eventually lead to catastrophic damage.

Winterizing an Occupied Home

Winterizing an occupied home must be done carefully. It’s not beneficial to turn the water off for the entire winter. One of the most important things that should happen is a complete inspection of all the plumbing in the home. This gives a plumber a chance to find potential defects before major issues can occur during the extreme temperatures that come along with winter weather.

Pipe Replacement

If pipes are old, weak, or damaged, a plumber can replace them during the winterization process, so you won’t have to worry about them over the winter. Remember, this inspection will also include exterior faucets since those can also be greatly impacted during the winter.

Pipe Insulation

Because of the freezing temperatures in the Canton area, insulating all exposed pipes is critical. This helps keep these pipes at a more consistent temperature throughout the winter, preventing the water from freezing.

Heat Tape

Some homeowners choose to use heat tape to protect the pipes from freezing, but this can be a potential fire hazard. If this is something you’re considering, discuss it with our staff so we can guide you towards the best options available to help you protect your home.

Interior Heat

Throughout the winter, you need to keep an eye on the forecast to know when to take additional steps. Be sure you always keep the interior of your home heated. Pipes should be fine if the inside temperature is above freezing. If you keep the interior temperature a little cooler than what you normally would, open any cabinets that contain pipes so the warmer air can get into them.

Dripping Faucet

Remember that if the temperatures drop to a critical level, you may need to keep a faucet dripping until it gets a little warmer. The dripping faucet lets water flow through the pipes, which can reduce the chance of it freezing.

Winterizing an Empty Home

Winterizing an empty home is a lot different than winterizing an occupied home. One advantage of an empty home is that you can have the water turned off for the winter. This means it’s possible to remove the risk of water in the pipes freezing and causing damage to the plumbing system.

Drain All Water

The main water valve must be shut off. This makes it possible to drain all the water out of the system. Plumbers use specialized equipment to complete this process. Once the water is drained from the system, special antifreeze is put into the system to help protect the pipes from any water droplets in them.

Label All Fixtures

You must have all fixtures labeled so anyone who enters the home knows they aren’t usable at this time. It’s especially important to put a notice on the toilets so nobody uses them. Once the home is ready to be occupied again, our plumbers can get everything back in order.

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The best time to prepare your home for winter is during the fall months, but always before the first freeze. You should make your appointment well in advance so you know your home will be ready. Contact us at Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing today to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber who can handle the winterization of your home. We also offer a variety of electrical services, residential and commercial generators, water quality services, and more.

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