Smart home technologies are turning around the home improvement world and have become a trend in the digital era. These technologies allow you to connect appliances, systems, and a suite of gadgets in a single network that you can control independently and remotely. You can use the common network to operate and control the lights, thermostats, TV, audio speakers, appliances, security cameras, locks, etc., from the smartphone they are connected to.

Not only is smart home technology a good way to impress your visitors and neighbors, but it has been found to improve energy use, security, and home life significantly. Below are some of the advantages of utilizing smart home technologies.

1. Simplified Home Management

Managing the household can be a challenging task for many people, and it can be pretty hectic if you have a big family. Smart home technologies allow you to enjoy quality time with your family by eliminating the added strain of managing the home.

Connecting your home technology through a single interface is a big leap in home management. The technology allows you to manage all your home appliances and devices from a single place. It is also a great way to manage your daily routines because most applications can schedule things like family reminders and alarms.

2. Remote Control

Controlling all the functions in your house from a distance is an incredible benefit. You can see who is at your door, make sure you turned off your TV, and check to see if you forgot to switch off the lights from anywhere. With a smart thermostat, you can also control it from anywhere. You can switch on and set your air conditioning unit during the summer season, so the living space is cool once you get home.

3. Protect Your Residence and Belongings

The driving force behind why many people automate their homes is home security. According to statistics, there are more than one million home break-ins every year, costing around $2,000 per home invasion. Therefore, installing a security system can save you lots of money and keep your home safe.

Smart home security systems connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, which means you can monitor your residence regardless of where you are. If you forget to lock one of your doors, you can easily lock it remotely using your home security app. This advanced technology also allows you to set preferences for the home security system like alarms and camera recording if a sensor gets triggered.

Some smart home systems also come with freeze sensors that alert you when the temperatures drop below a specific point and are at risk of experiencing burst pipes. Do you live in a region that’s prone to flooding? The moisture sensors will also trigger an alarm once they come into contact with some water, preventing expensive damages from floods or leaks.

4. Lower Energy Bills

The uproar of global warming and climate change has made it necessary to have a greener home. The most convenient and easiest way to keep a green home is by having a smart system. Most smart home applications provide you with statistics and insight to help you monitor how your home is using energy. Smart thermostats and smart lighting can help you switch off lighting, air conditioners, and other electrical appliances when there’s no one in the house. This way, you will use energy more efficiently and reduce your electricity bills.

5. Lower Insurance Cost

American Family Insurance provides tech-savvy people with a discount of up to 5% on their home insurance. That’s because smart home technologies offer users great safety and increased security benefits. Homeowners utilizing smart gadgets in their homes like thermostats, motion detectors, security systems, smoke detectors, and moisture and humidity sensors enjoy this home insurance discount.

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From lighting, home entertainment, temperature control, and home security, the possibilities of automating your residential property are extensive. The benefit of having smart home technology is that you can monitor what’s happening in your residence from anywhere. The connectivity level allows you have more quality time to bond with your family without worrying about home management.

To find the smart home technology that will accommodate your home’s needs, contact Beck Electric, Generators & Plumbing today. Our team of electricians will help you navigate the available smart devices and install them for your convenience and comfort. We also offer electrical installations, repairs, upgrades, replacements, maintenance agreements, and inspections to the residents of Canton, OH. If you would like to learn more about smart home technologies, contact us today.

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